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At Winstanley-Roark Fine Arts in Cape Cod, MA  |  July 24th - August 5th, 2007

Selected Artists

Albino Hinojosa
Alyona Nickelsen
Angus McEwan
Anne Kullaf
B. Nicole Klassen
Beatriz Scotti Franchini
Camille Engel
Cees Penning
Cynthia Knox
Debbie Stevens
Debi Watson
Deborah Maklowski
Denise Kelly
Don Clapper
Donna Surprenant
Donna S. Slade
Gary Babb
Gary J. Hernandez
Gemma Gylling
George A. Gonzalez
Ginger Bowen
Grace Kim
Ian Hargreaves
Jean O'Brien
Ken Fuller
Kenneth Evans
Kolbjørn Håseth
Lance Walker
Larry Charles
Lee Alban
Lorena Kloosterboer
Max Bounan
Michael J. Riddet
Michele Pope Melina
Mike Mazer
Miranda Gray
Nick Long
Ning Lee
Oleg Radvan
Pablo Villicaña Lara
Pamela Carroll
Randy Ford
Ranjini Venkatachari
Robert C. Kirkpatrick
Robert K. Roark
Ron Schwartz
Sara Jane Doberstein
Scott Royston
Sherry Jo Horton
Tom Cardamone
Vadim Dolgov
Vala Ola
Véronique Molinier
Zamfir Dumitrescu


Congratulations to the Award Winners!

Best Tromp l'Oeil
Albino Hinojosa
Best Landscape
Kolbjørn Håseth
Best of Show
Nick Long
Best Figurative
Gemma Gylling
Creative Achievement
George A. Gonzalez
Artist's Choice
Ning Lee
Pioneer in Realism
Lee Alban
Best Still Life
Pamela Carroll
Director's Choice
Randy Ford



William Robert Davis is one of the most acclaimed, award-winning marine artists presently working in the United States. Cape Cod Life collector's edition named Davis as one of the Top 400 most influential, famous, and intriguing people on Cape Cod.

Elizabeth Ives Hunter is Executive Director of the Cape Cod Museum of Art. She is also the god-daughter of R.H. Ives Gammell, who worked with the R. H. Ives Gammell Studios Trust and edited The Boston Painters 1900-1930.

Anita Winstanley Roark is Gallery Owner and Photographer. Being both a gallery owner with a keen business sense and an artist with a sharp eye, she has a unique perspective of the artworld as well as the art she offers her collectors.


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