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How do I enter in the future gallery exhibition?
If you are a member in good standing, you will automatically receive an email with the call for entries, in which you will find detailed instructions about the form of submitting images as well as how much the jury fee is.
The deadline for submitting your artwork image is announced in the call for art email. Be sure to include your name, address, email address and phone number. All images must be clearly identified with artist name, title, medium, size, and price. Do not contact the gallery. All questions and correspondence about any juried selection process should always be sent to International Guild of Realism.

Who is eligible to enter this exhibition?
The exhibition selection process is exclusively for members of the International Guild of Realism.

Will the artwork be offered for sale?
All artwork will be offered for sale by the gallery, with a 50% - 50% commission split between the gallery and the artist on sales.

What about shipping my artwork?
If selected for a gallery exhibition, the International Guild of Realism or the gallery will be contacting you about shipping your painting(s).
Paintings must be shipped in a quality frame ready to hang. Shipping to the gallery is the sole responsibility of the artist. Pack your artwork carefully to avoid damage. Be sure to include a packing list with your name, address, and painting description inside the box. Both the gallery and the International Guild of Realism recommend that you properly insure your artwork against loss or damage.

Will there be any marketing support for Realism Guild gallery exhibitions?
Yes. The gallery and the International Guild of Realism will work together to publicize exhibitions, organize an opening night event, feature the exhibition on the Internet, contact art collectors and art magazine editors, etc.
We have negotiated with a major national art magazine and obtained a favorable advertising rate for our member artists who want to have their artwork and studio contact information featured in a Realism Guild hosted ad. See the 'Press and News' section of this website to view our ads.

What types of artwork will be considered for an exhibition?
Most of our exhibitions will allow all themes as long as they are created in the realistic style. Sometimes the International Guild of Realism sponsors exhibitions that focus on a specific subject matter (such as portraits or floral still lifes).
Oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, graphite, charcoal, pastel, and egg tempera media are eligible for this exhibition.
Photography, collage, sculpture, assemblages, and computer-generated images are not eligible.
All artwork must be original. This means that all artwork entered for membership applications and into Guild exhibitions should always be exclusively done by the artist's hand.
All artwork must fit within the space provided by the gallery. In other words, paintings that are larger than the gallery walls will not be considered. Likewise, the artwork must be delivered framed and ready to hang; artwork that requires the artist to paint directly on the gallery's walls will not be accepted.
The gallery reserves the right to decide how the paintings will be displayed and in what order.
Once the artwork has been juried into the exhibition, the artwork cannot be re-painted or changed before the exhibition. It should be available for sale. Once an artwork has been entered into an exhibition, the artist should direct any potential buyers to the host gallery.

Is the procedure different for international artists?
You will need to include a customs declaration form with your shipping label. It is the sole responsibility of the artist to meet the requirements for shipping artwork into the United States. Your shipment may be opened for inspection by customs officials. You will be asked to declare a value for your artwork on the customs declaration form. All pricing and sales transactions will be calculated in U.S. dollars by the gallery. It is the responsibility of the artist to facilitate the paperwork required in his/her country for taxes there (if any). As with all shipments of valuable artwork, both the gallery and the International Guild of Realism recommend that you properly insure your artwork against loss or damage.

Important to know!
Once an artwork has been selected for participation in an exhibition, the artist cannot change the artwork. Under no circumstance should the artist sell the selected work, or have it for sale, since the painting should be for sale at the exhibition. If a buyer is interested, the artist should refer the customer to the gallery hosting the exhibition.
It is important to realize that when an artist enters artwork in a call for art, the artwork(s) should be reserved for this event. In other words, the artwork should be available, and for sale, at the time of the planned exhibition. Entry Fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

What if I have specific questions about this exhibition or the jury process?
Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding upcoming gallery exhibitions.

Brennen Fine Art
in Scottsdale, AZ

April 10 - May 1, 2024
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