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Upcoming Exhibition ~ International Guild of Realism Spring Salon Online Exhibition

March 20th - May 20th, 2020

The International Guild of Realism (IGOR) is proud to announce our upcoming "IGOR Spring Salon Online Juried Exhibition". After our first ever successful Winter Salon Online Exhibition in 2019, we have decided to offer another Online Exhibition for IGOR members only in 2020. Plus we have received many requests from IGOR members especially international members to offer another online exhibition. This year's exhibition will be an online juried exhibition and will feature Cash Awards, National Art Magazine Articles, Prizes and Gift Certificates! Most, if not all, award categories will offer a cash prize or a major award certificate. You will be able to enter paintings that are already sold and paintings that are for sale. We will have our usual Ad marketing campaign and the entire juried show will be listed on our new IGOR website and mobile version. Plus the entire show will be on the new and improved American Art Collector magazine's website with links back to IGOR. We will be employing an Art Broker with over 25 years in the art business to assist IGOR with sales. This is still a new experience for us but we believe that online exhibitions will be the wave of the future. IGOR members will have another vehicle to sell paintings with increased marketing exposure and a chance to win cash and prize awards.

About the 2020 Winter Salon
We believe that selling paintings online will be the wave of the future especially with younger art buyers so we will be giving a strong effort to make this a success in many ways. We will have the juried exhibition listed on major art websites including our active IGOR website and brand new state of the art website of American Art Magazine. Plus we will have links back to the IGOR website from our corporate sponsor, QC Fine Arts. Every painting will be listed on these websites and interested collectors will be directed to our IGOR art broker with over 25 years in the art business. We will market the Online Exhibition on numerous social networking sites including Facebook, IGOR YouTube Channel and Instagram. IGOR artists can enter Sold paintings along with paintings that will be For Sale. All juried paintings will be eligible for the IGOR Awards!


The Entire Juried Show Will Be Featured on Three Important Art Websites

International Guild of Realism

American Art Collector Magazine
Leading realist art magazine in America featuring a brand new and improved website.

Quality Collections of Fine Art
Specializing in selling fine realist art through a major online gallery website and a brick and mortar gallery in Arizona.

We will put forth maximum effort to make our Spring Salon Online Exhibition a smashing success! Although the Cash Awards, National Art Magazine Articles and Prize Certificates are a major draw to enter this exhibition, we will also make every effort to sell as many paintings as possible. We also plan to offer a major discount Ad offer from American Art Collector magazine in the April issue.


Key Dates
Entry Deadline: February 3rd, 2020
Juried Results Announced: February 8th - 10th, 2020
Exhibition Dates: March 20th - May 20th, 2020


Selected Artists
The International Guild of Realism has recently completed the final jury results for our Spring Salon Online Exhibition. We had a huge number of paintings entered (over 700), and without a doubt, the quality was at a very high level. Thanks again, for entering our Spring Salon and for submitting such wonderful artwork.

Once again we received an amazing array of superb entries and our jury committee was quite impressed with the quality and creativity of the work entered. After reviewing the images over a week period, the final jury was completed. Deciding upon a limited number of paintings/drawings wasn't an easy accomplishment, and the jurors could not resist adding many more pieces to this exhibition than originally planned. A high percentage of the entered IGOR artists made it through to the final jury so please realize that you always have a good chance at being juried into a future IGOR event because of our small and juried only membership. We have artists from over 20 countries (most ever) represented in the Spring Salon Final Jury including Canada, Norway, USA, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Philippines, Mexico, Greece, Australia, France, Thailand, UK, Spain, Hong Kong and India. Plus we have a huge diversity of media in the exhibition including Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil, Graphite, Pastel, Ink, Tempera, Scratchboard and Gouache.

Congratulations to this year's selected artists!

Gloria Ainsworth Mout
Lee Alban
Jorge Alberto
Ashley Albritton
Cher Anderson
Nancy Andresen
Janice Anthony
Antonios Aspromourgos
Blair Atherholt
Debbie Banks
Emil Bauto
Holly Bedrosian
Esther BeLer Wodrich
Randall W. Bennett
Sarah Bent
Richard Berger
Matthew Bird
R. Geoffrey Blackburn
Sarah Blanks Strickland
Henry Bosak
Max Bounan
Mike Briscoe
Hebe Brooks
Teresa Brutcher
Gloria J. Callahan
Wendy Carney
Cheryl Caro
Virginia Carroll
Daniel Mark Cassity
Marsha Chandler
François Chartier
Kevork A. Cholakian
Donald Clapper
Barbara Clements
Ed Copley
Ron Craig
Jerry Crandall
Barbara Cricchio-Efchak
Lorn Curry
Louise Daoust
Joye DeGoede
Sandra Desrosiers
Loren DiBenedetto
Carrie Di Costanzo
Lyn Diefenbach
Melissa DiNino
Kathy Dolan
Paco Martin Dominguez
Wendy Donahoe
Brenda Doyle
Carmen Drake
Nick Eisele
Kathy Ellem
Elena Eros
Larry Felder
Cynthia Feustel
Robbie Fitzpatrick
Beth Flor
Elizabeth Floyd
Betty Ford
Gayle Isabelle Ford
Marianna Foster
Dirk Freder
Tom Fuller
Jeff George
Irene Georgopoulou
Richard Ginnett
Diego Glazer
David Goatley
George A. Gonzalez
Allan Gorman
Salvatore Graci
Terry Green
Ron Greig
John Guiseppi
Johnny Guthrie
Barbara Hack
Richard Hall
Robin Harris
Linda Harrison-Parsons
Kolbjørn Håseth
Jane Hartley
Carmen Havens
K. Henderson
Kathy Hildebrandt
Margaret Ingles
Nancy Jacey
Pat Jackman
Ryan Douglas Jacque
David Jermann
Cathy Johnson
Steven Jones
Ann Justin
Claudia Kaak
Aicy Karbstein
Erika Kauffman
Debra Keirce
Betsy Kellum
Reenie Kennedy
Karen Khan
Brenda Kidera
Katie Koenig
Elayne Kuehler
Dimitrina S. Kutriansky
Sharon Guyton Lalik
Eduardo Landa
Jesse Lane
Vickie Lawrence
Jackson Kwong Tim Lee
Jeanne Crain Leemon
Victor Leger
Astrid Lenz
Johanna Lerwick
Barney Levitt
Erwin P. Lewandowski
Patsy Lindamood
Patti Lizotte
Tammy Liu-Haller
Christine Porter Lofaro
Larry Lombardo
Nick Long
Rebecca Luncan
Russ Mackensen
Rob MacIntosh
Gayle Madeira
Pamela Mangelsdorf
Stephen Mangum
Karla Mann
Linda Mann
Michela Mansuino
Elena Martino
Barbara Mason
Edi Matsumoto
D. Arthur McBride
Cathy McClelland
Laurin McCracken
Dave McNally
Karen Merkin
Jacqueline Meyerson
John C. Moffitt
Christopher B. Mooney
Brenda Morgan
Cindy Valek Mottl
Sripriya Mozumdar
David Neace
Priscilla Nelson
Ken Northup
Barbara Nuss
Marissa Oosterlee
Carla Louise Paine
Judy Jing Pang
Gretchen Evans Parker
Sergey Piskunov
Nancy Plank
Sharon Pomales Tousey
Cher Pruys
Galal Ramadan
Patricia McMahon Rice
Laurie Riley
Shawn Robichaud
Carole Rodrigue
Scott Royston
Steve Rude
Barbara Rudolph
Abbey Ryan
John Salozzo
Duhita Samaiyar
Valorie Sams
Laurence Saunois
Sharon Sayegh
John Schaeffer
Stephanie Schechter
John Schisler
Igor Selivanov
Danguole Serstinskaja
Gerald Schwartz
Megan Seiter
Duffy Sheridan
Debbie Shirley
Dan Simoneau
Molly Sims
Edward Paul Smalarz
Maria Snarska
Frank Soenke Haseloff
Cindy Sorley-Keichinger
Colin Starkevich
Aleta Rossi-Steward
E. Jane Stoddard
Jan McAllaster Stommes
Shawn Sullivan
Peter Swift
Susie Tenzer
Josh Tiessen
Marie Tippets
Sarasvathy TK
Cathryne Trachok
George Tsakiris
William Cheever Turner
Elaine Twiss
T. W. "Pops" Vanya
Al Vesselli
Maria Villioti
Lloyd Voges
Carin Wagner
Ann Kraft Walker
Barbara Walker
Kun Wang
Heather Ward
Sandra Weiner
Elizabeth Weiss
Johannes Wessmark
John Whytock
Natalie Wiseman
William C. Wright
William Michael Yenkevich


Cash Awards, National Magazine Articles, Prizes and Gift Certificates
As customary during our annual juried exhibitions, we appointed a guest judge(s) to jury the award winners. The judges are experts in Fine Art Realism and may possibly include gallery owners, award winning artists and museum curators. All winners will receive their below listed Cash Award, Prize, National Art Magazine Article or Award Certificate. All award winners will receive their certificates and award prize by mail after the conclusion of the exhibition.


First Place Best of Show
$1,000 Cash Award from Quality Collections of Fine Arts

Second Place
$500 Award Certificate from Artesano Fine Art Frames

Third Place
$250 Cash Award from IGOR

American Art Collector Editor's Choice
Two page feature article in an issue of American Art Collector Magazine

International Artist Magazine Editor's Choice
4 TO 6 page feature article in an issue of International Artist Magazine

Bill & Susan Rowett Collector's Choice
$150 Cash Award from Bill and Susan Rowett

Pioneer in Realism
$300 Award Certificate from Artesano Fine Art Frames

Best Drawing
Award to be determined

Best Figurative
$400 Gift Certificate from Montgomery Frames of Tempe, Arizona

Best Floral
$150 Cash from IGOR

Best Landscape
$200 Cash Award from Quality Collections of Fine Arts

Best Still Life
$200 Gift Certificate from Montgomery Frames of Tempe, Arizona

Best Trompe l'Oeil
Award to be determined

Best Wildlife
Award to be determined

Please note: Award prizes may be subject to change but all will be finalized by December 15th and members will be notified, well before the entry deadline of January 20th. We also hope to add to the award list!

We expect between 180 and 220 artworks will be participating in our Spring Salon Online Juried Exhibition. The final selection will be handled by a panel of guests judges. This will be a definitive decision on the final jury of participating pieces, which will be announced by email between February 8 - 10, 2020.

Exquisite Old Master Realism Paintings to get you motivated!


Many Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsors:

Monthly Magazine of Traditional Fine Art

Quality Custom Fine Art Frames

Specializing in Selling Realist Art


The International Guild of Realism will be doing extensive advertising and publicity to promote this exhibition on your behalf. As soon as you have learned that your artwork has been selected by the judges, the Guild will send out our advertising discounted offer through American Art Collector magazine to juried members so don't miss this promotional ad campaign.

All entrants must be Guild Members at the time of the judging as well as during the exhibition (e.g., annual dues must have been paid, and all rules and entry requirements fulfilled).

We do encourage members to submit new and fresh works of art of the highest quality in order to make our Spring Salon a smashing success! You can also submit paintings that are already SOLD and these will be eligible for the Awards! Only original artwork created solely by the artist's hand will be accepted. No digitally-manipulated images, photos, collages, giclees, photocopies, prints, laser prints, and/or any other reproductions will be accepted.

If you are not an IGOR member then we highly recommend that you click on the Membership Page to learn more about the benefits of being a juried member of IGOR!



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