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At Sugarman-Peterson Gallery in Santa Fe, NM  |  June 2nd - June 26th, 2023

The International Guild of Realism returned to the Sugarman-Peterson Gallery in beautiful Santa Fe, NM, to host our 17th Annual Juried Exhibition, which was held from June 2nd through June 26th, 2023

We had a very successful 13th Annual Exhibition in 2018 at the prestigious Sugarman-Peterson Gallery so we were very excited to have them host our yearly gallery exhibition in 2023. The Sugarman-Peterson Gallery is in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District, a Top 3 Art Market! The gallery is centrally located among many quality art galleries, luxury shops and fine dining, attracting plenty of affluent visitors during the peak summer season. We couldn’t have asked for a better time or location. Santa Fe is a major US art market (Top 3) and has well over 150 art galleries so definitely plan on entering our upcoming 17th Annual IGOR Exhibition!


About the Gallery

From the Sugarman-Peterson Gallery;

"We want all of you to know how proud and pleased we are to present the 17th Annual International Guild Of Realism show. We encourage all of you, create whatever your greatest ambition and inspiration demands and we will do all we can to support you." — Michael Sugarman

Nationally known realism artists exhibit at the Sugarman-Peterson Gallery including IGOR members Jane Jones and Camille Engel.


Art Events

The International Guild of Realism had a wonderful two days of art events celebrating the opening of our 17th Annual IGOR Exhibition at the beautiful Sugarman-Peterson Gallery in historic Santa Fe, NM. We enjoyed several events over two days with over 35 IGOR artists and guests in attendance. All events turned out better than expected! The quality of the IGOR show was amazing and without a doubt, another astounding IGOR Exhibition. The opening reception was packed all night long, the turnout was amazing! The Sugarman-Peterson Gallery is one of the best galleries in Santa Fe and they did an outstanding job hanging the show in their beautiful gallery. We had 12 sales by opening night which is wonderful and we hope to have many more! Our host gallery was equally as thrilled with the quality of the show and they were grateful that so many IGOR artists attended the opening events.

Thursday Afternoon, June 1st - IGOR Art Seminar at Downtown Santa Fe Library
We lined up several guest speakers including Michael Sugarman, owner of Sugarman-Peterson Gallery; Wendie Martin, Owner and Editor of American Art Collector Magazine; John O’Hern, Columnist for American Art Collector Magazine; Ed Copley, amazing figurative artist and IGOR Member; and Donald Clapper, Founding IGOR Charter Member.

Thursday Night, June 1st - Casual Dinner Party at the Award-Winning Tomasita’s
IGOR hosted a dinner party at Tomasita's Restaurant in historic Santa Fe. This event included a full course dinner of authentic Santa Fe cuisine which was a perfect way to round out our first day!

Friday afternoon - Local Realism Gallery Art Walk in Historic Santa Fe
We met at the Sugarman-Peterson Gallery located on 130 W. Palace Ave one block from the historic plaza to enjoy a sneak preview of the show at 1 p.m. After meeting the gallery owners and staff, we visited several of the best art galleries on foot for a behind the scenes tour of Santa Fe's art world which is one of the largest in the U.S. IGOR Charter Member, Donald Clapper, was our tour guide. We ended our tour on famous Canyon Road filled with quality art galleries.

Friday Evening, June 2nd - Gallery Opening Reception
The opening reception was busy all night and the show was beautifully hung by the Sugarman Peterson Gallery. The amazing artwork was selected from over 400 entries from all around the world for this juried exhibition! We had 98 paintings from 94 IGOR artists! We had 12 sales by the end of the opening reception!

We thank all our IGOR members who entered and attended this amazing show! Congratulations to those who were juried in, along with the award winners.

We would also like to send out a special “Thank You” to Kim Orlowski, our IGOR Event Coordinator; Donald Clapper, IGOR Founding Charter Member, and Jean Raymond, IGOR Accountant. Well done, IGOR Team!

Santa Fe IGOR Team - Kim, Don, and Jean


Selected Artists
The International Guild of Realism final jury results for our 17th Annual Exhibition hosted by the Sugarman-Peterson Gallery this June are below. We had a huge number of paintings entered, and without a doubt, the quality was excellent!

The jury for this year's exhibition was handled in two levels with IGOR Charter Members selecting the first level and then the owners and gallery director of the Sugarman-Peterson Gallery completed the final jury. Once again, we received an amazing array of superb entries, and our jurors were quite impressed with the quality and creativity of the work entered. Thank you, IGOR artists for submitting such wonderful artwork.

Congratulations to this year's selected artists!

Lee Alban
Peter Ambush
Denise Antaya
Randall William Bennett
Richard Berger
Matthew Bird
Hebe Brooks
Ellen Buselli
Mary A. Carlson
Tracey Chaykin
Donald Clapper
Ed Copley
Barbara Dahlstedt
Kim Diment
Wendy Donahoe
Camille Engel
Cynthia Feustel
Cynthie Fisher
Christopher Forrest
Dirk Freder
Thomas Fuller
Jeff George
Irene Georgopoulou
Kathleen S. Giles
Richard Ginnett
George A. Gonzalez
Ed Gowen
Sue Grimm
Kate Haanraadts
Robin Harris
Linda Harrison-Parsons
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Mark Hunter
Janet Johnson
Jane Jones
Claudia Kaak
Erika Kauffman
Debra Keirce
Brenda Kidera
Sue Killingsworth
Leslie Kirchner
Deborah Kommalan
Sandra Kuck
Sharon Guyton Lalik
Katarzyna Lappin
Astrid Lenz
Johanna Lerwick
Barney Levitt
AnaMarie Liddell
Patsy Lindamood
Russ Mackensen
Pamela Mangelsdorf
Dan McCrary
John C. Moffitt
Christopher B. Mooney
Norma Najacht
Michael Niswonger
Nugzari Novikoff
Sarah M. Paddock
Ginny Page
Benji Alexander Palus
Gretchen Evans Parker
Cher Pruys
Galal Ramadan
Lisa Raymer
Laurie Riley
Scott B. Royston
John Rowe
Len Rusin
John Salozzo
Wayne Scarpaci
John Schisler
J. Elaine Senack
Alisa Shea
Bonnie Sheckter
Duffy Sheridan
Stan Bert Singer
Graeme Smallfield
Dianna Wallace Soisson
Aleta Rossi Steward
Robert Steiner
E. Jane Stoddard
Shawn Sullivan
Debra Torres
Patricia Tribastone
Jette van der Lende
Suzanne Vigil
Lloyd Voges
Heather Ward
Terry Ward
Wing Na Wong
William C. Wright
Kenneth Young
Anne-Marie Zanetti


IGOR Awards
As customary during our annual juried exhibitions, we ask the gallery to appoint a guest judge(s) to award ribbons in different categories to selected Guild Members for their outstanding artwork. All award winners will receive their ribbons by mail after the conclusion of the exhibition.

Congratulations to the Winners!

"What Will Tomorrow Bring" by Duffy Sheridan
Best of Show - Duffy Sheridan "What Will Tomorrow Bring"
American Art Collector Editor's Choice - Claudia Kaak "Spring"
American Art Collector Award for Excellence - Cynthie Fisher "Three Amigos"
Director's Choice - Bonnie Sheckter "In the Moment"
Artist's Choice - Suzanne Vigil "Clairese of Glen Bernie"
Pioneer in Realism - Peter Ambush "African Butterfly"
Best Figurative - Anne-Marie Zanetti "Ethereal Feminal"
Best Floral - Richard Berger "First Cactus Bloom"
Best Landscape - Hebe Brooks "The Bridge"
Best Still Life - Graeme Smallfield "Onions"
Best Tromp l'Oeil - Camille Engel "Very A-peeling"
Best Wildlife - Leslie Kirchner "Preening – Great Blue Heron"


You can view the entire 17th Annual Show and the above award-winning paintings by clicking here.


Many Thanks to Our Corporate Sponsor

We are thrilled to have 7 full pages of ads in the June issue of American Art Collector magazine. The magazine has already been mailed out to collectors so this major advertising campaign should bring additional sales. American Art Collector also did a huge email blast to their collector list of over 80,000 contacts!

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