International Guild of Realism
International Guild of Realism Fall Salon Online Exhibition

October 20th - December 20th, 2021

The International Guild of Realism (IGOR) is proud to share the "IGOR 2021 Fall Salon Online Juried Exhibition". After our successful Spring Salon Online Exhibition earlier this year, we decided to offer another Online Exhibition for IGOR members in the fall.

Selected Artists
The International Guild of Realism completed the final jury results for the 2021 Fall Salon Online Exhibition. We had a huge number of paintings entered (over 700), and without a doubt, the quality was at a very high level. Thank you to all the artists for entering our Fall Salon and for submitting such wonderful artwork.

Once again we received an amazing array of superb entries and our jury committee was quite impressed with the quality and creativity of the work entered. After reviewing the images over a week period, the final jury was completed. Deciding upon a limited number of paintings/drawings wasn’t an easy accomplishment, and the jurors could not resist adding many more pieces to this exhibition than originally planned. A high percentage of the entered IGOR artists made it through to the final jury so please realize that you always have a good chance at being juried into a future IGOR event because of our small and juried only membership. We have artists from over 20 countries represented in the Fall Salon Final Jury including Canada, England, Norway, France, USA, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Malta, Holland, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Greece, Australia, France and Spain. Plus we have a huge diversity of media in the exhibition including Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Soft Pastel, Colored Pencil, Gouache, Graphite, Pastel, Ink, Egg Tempera, and Scratchboard.

Congratulations to this year's selected artists!

Marco Antonio Aguilar
Cher Anderson
James Andrews
George Angelini
Denise Antaya
Patt Baldino
Alex Bauwens
Randall William Bennett
Gulay Berryman
Matthew Bird
Henry Bosak
Max Bounan
Ginger Bowen
Mike Briscoe
Whitney C. Brock
Dina Buckley
Mary Calengor
Gloria Callahan
Mary A. Carlson
Cheryl Caro
Virginia Carroll
Laara Cassells
Deborah M.G. Cassolis
Cedric Chambers
Marsha Chandler
Rene Cheng
Kathy Christian
Emily Christoff Flowers
Donald Clapper
Pauline Clay
Barbara Clements Barber
Ed Copley
Tony Craig
Jerry Crandall
Dennis Crayon
Lorn Curry
Barbara Dahlstedt
Chamindra de Silva Abeyewickreme
Joye DeGoede
Sandra Desrosiers
Lyn Diefenbach
Lorri Dixon
Deborah LaFogg Docherty
Wendy Donahoe
Kimberly Dow
Cristy Dunn
Evelyn Dunphy
Nick Eisele
Camille Engel
Elena Eros
Shannon Fannin
Cynthia Feustel
Cynthie Fisher
Keri Fisher
Robbie Fitzpatrick
Howard Flanagan
Christopher Forrest
Veronique Fournier-Wynne
Dirk Freder
Tracy Frein
Tom Fuller
Linda Garcia-Dahle
Irene Georgopoulou
Kathleen S. Giles
George Gonzalez
Susan Goodmundson
Ron Greig
Deanna Grimes
Katherine Grossfeld
John Guiseppi
Johnny Guthrie
Robin Harris
Mark Harrison
Frank Soenke Haseloff
Kolbjørn Håseth
Melissa Hedge
K. Henderson
Kathy Hildebrandt
Frits Hoendervanger
Mark Hunter
Margaret Ingles
Linda Irwin
Nancy Jacey
Pat Jackman
Ryan Douglas Jacque
Karen James
David Jermann
Steven T. Jones
Ann Justin
Claudia Kaak
Mariah Kaminsky
Laura Winn Kane
Erika Kauffman
Debra Keirce
Betsy Kellum
Reenie Kennedy
Leslie Kirchner
David Kizziar
Pat Klamm
Sandra Kuck
Elayne Kuehler
Trisha Lambi
Jesse Lane
Joyce Lee
Shuk Susan Lee
Jeanne Crain Leemon
Astrid Lenz
Johanna Lerwick
Barney Levitt
Erwin P. Lewandowski
Patsy Lindamood
Nick Long
Rob MacIntosh
Russ Mackensen
Emily Main
Stephen Mangum
Arline Mann
Linda Mann
Paco Martin
David Martinez
Barbara J. Mason
Gabrielle Matlock
D. Arthur McBride
Dan McCrary
Dave McNally
Karen Merkin
Jacqueline Meyerson
Christina Michalopoulou
Lacey Middleton
Nathan Miller
Brenda Morgan
Diane Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan
Nicole Nappi
Michael Niswonger
Ken Northup
Barbara Nuss
Karie O'Donnell
Brian O'Neill
Ginny Page
Sally Painter
Marcia Palmer
Benji Alexander Palus
Gretchen Evans Parker
Rob Parsons
Ivan Pazlamatchev
Christine Porter Lofaro
Layong Jingga Probo
Cher Pruys
Galal Ramadan
Carole Raschella
Alan Douglas Ray
Connie Lynn Reilly
Andrew Reinhardt
Will B. Reyes
Laurie Riley
Sherry Roper
Scott B. Royston
Barbara Rudolph
John Salozzo
Sølvi Sanden
Laurence Saunois
Ken Scaglia
John Schaeffer
Stephanie Schechter>
John Schisler
Linda J. Schroeter
Erin Schulz
Megan Seiter
Alisa Shea
Bonnie Sheckter
Daune Sheri
Kathleen Sheridan
Debbie Shirley
Dan Simoneau
Molly Sims
Jane Stoddard
Iulia Stoian
Luba Stolper
Charlotte Strauss
Tom Strutton
Katrina Swanson
Peter Swift
Sarasuathy T.K.
Susie Tenzer
Marie Tippets
Debra Torres
Cathryne Trachok
Patricia Tribastone
George Tsakiris
William C. Turner
Elaine Twiss
Christophe Vacher
Cindy Valek Mottl
Jette van der Lende
Henriette van Staden
T.W. "Pops" Vanya
Vincent Verboncoeur
Suzanne Vigil
Maria Villioti
Mary Villon de Benveniste
Lloyd Voges
Carin Wagner
Cindy Wagner
Ann Kraft Walker
Paige Wallis
Kun Wang
Heather Ward
Oyunaa Waskin
Elizabeth Weiss
Maura Williams
Vincent L. Wilson
Veronica Winters
Nina Winther
Wing Na Wong
William Michael Yenkevich
Kenneth Young
Abir Yousef
Anne-Marie Zanetti
Paula K. Zeller


The Entire Juried Show Was Be Featured on Three Important Art Websites

International Guild of Realism

American Art Collector Magazine
Leading realist art magazine in America featuring a brand new and improved website.

Quality Collections of Fine Art
Specializing in selling fine realist art through a major online gallery website and a brick and mortar gallery in Arizona.

Cash Awards, National Magazine Articles, Prizes and Gift Certificates
As customary during our annual juried exhibitions, we appointed a guest judge(s) to jury the award winners. The judges are experts in Fine Art Realism and may possibly include gallery owners, award winning artists and museum curators. All winners received a custom frameable certificate along with the below listed Cash Award, Prize, National Art Magazine Article or Award Certificate. All award winners received their certificates and award prize by mail after the conclusion of the exhibition.



First Place Best of Show
$800 Cash Award from Quality Collections of Fine Arts
Frits Hoendervanger — “Autumn’s Passage”

Second Place
$400 Gift Certificate from Montgomery Frames of Tempe, Arizona
Brian O’Neill — “Awakening”

Third Place
$225 Cash Award from IGOR
Anne-Marie Zanetti — “Unfurling”

American Art Collector Editor's Choice
Two page feature article in an issue of American Art Collector Magazine
Matthew Bird — “Branzino for Two”

International Artist Magazine Editor's Choice
4 TO 6 page feature article in an issue of International Artist Magazine
Alisa Shea — “In the Key of W”

Pioneer in Realism
$150 Cash from IGOR
Denise Antaya — “Second Generation”

Creative Achievement
$150 Cash from IGOR
Cher Pruys — “Reflections”

Best Figurative
$200 Cash Award from Quality Collections of Fine Arts
Suzanne Vigil — “he Pause that Refreshes”

Best Floral
$150 Cash from IGOR
Megan Seiter — “Jeannette”

Best Landscape & Architecture
$150 Cash from IGOR
Howard Flanagan — “Harbour Side”

Best Metal & Chrome
$200 Gift Certificate from Montgomery Frames of Tempe, Arizona
Ken Scaglia — “Queen Bee”

Best Portrait
$150 Cash from IGOR
Ann Justin — “The Conservator”

Best Still Life
$150 Cash from IGOR
Scott B. Royston — “Old Glory”

Best Wildlife
$150 Cash from IGOR
Alex Bauwens — “Asleep”



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