International Guild of Realism
International Guild of Realism 14th Annual Juried Exhibition

At the Principle Gallery in Alexandria, VA  |  September 20th - October 15th, 2019

The International Guild of Realism (IGOR) is proud to share our 14th Annual IGOR Exhibition. This exhibition is being held at the prestigious Principle Gallery in historic Alexandria, VA., from September 16th through October 15th, 2019. The Principle Gallery hosted our 10th Annual Exhibition in 2015 and they were thrilled with the quality of the show so they have asked us back for a return visit. We are honored to return because everything was a success in our 2015 show including strong sales, a great gallery staff, super busy reception and wonderful experiences touring Alexandria and Washington, D.C.!

Since it's opening in 1994, Principle Gallery has established a reputation for providing the very best in contemporary realism and representational art. Nestled in historic Old Town Alexandria on historic King Street, Principle Gallery caters to the needs of their local clientele in and around Washington, DC., as well as ships artwork to collectors around the world. Showcased inside the historic Gilpin house, which was built in the 1790's, the gallery is highlighted by its original fireplaces, wood floors, and a beautiful open skylight. The gallery has been featured in numerous national art magazines

including American Art Collector and Fine Art Connoisseur. In a city filled with art, history, culture, and quality dining, there is no better place in Alexandria to have an International Exhibition than on King Street. It's a beautiful street that is home to many art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and numerous historic buildings. Alexandria is also located very close to Washington, D.C. where many of the best museums in the nation reside. For more information please visit:


Three Days of Art Events in Alexandria and DC

Wednesday Evening, September 18th - Gourmet Dinner Reception at the highly rated Il Porto Restaurant
We had an amazing dinner in this special restaurant on historic King Street. We also had several talks from Donald Clapper, founding IGOR Charter Member, Kim Orlowski, IGOR event coordinator, Michele Ward, owner of the Principle Gallery and Lee Alban, IGOR Member. Clint Mansell, Principle Gallery Director, gave us an informative talk on the value of social media in promoting fine art. We truly had a fun filled artsy evening!

Thursday, September 19th - National Portrait Gallery and the American Art Museum in Washington, DC
We began our first tour in the National Portrait Gallery with a special focus on the American Presidents. Our second tour was at the amazing Smithsonian American Art Museum specializing in the masterpieces of American artists. Both tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and answered many of our questions. We had a very special day in this beautiful capital city! A small group of IGOR artists then walked over to the White House to take some memorable photographs.

Friday Afternoon, September 20th - Torpedo Factory Art Center and historic tour of Alexandria
Gallery walk and historic tour of downtown Alexandria. We began our tours at the famous Torpedo Factory Art Center by the Potomac River viewing numerous art galleries and studios hosted by Ali Wunder, The Art League Director. At 2:00 pm, Wellington Watts and Carolyn Cooper, professional history guides, gave us a grand tour of the most important historical sites in Alexandria including the Gadsby Tavern, a favorite of George Washington.

Friday Evening, September 20th - Art Market Insights by Josh Rose, Editor of American Art Collector Magazine.
Josh Rose gave an informative talk on the state of the art market in the courtyard of the beautiful Alexandrian Hotel.

Friday Night, September 20th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm - The 14th Annual Juried Exhibition Artists' Opening Reception at the Principle Gallery
We ended our three days of art events with our opening reception at the Principle Gallery. The opening party was very well attended with over 500 patrons of the arts and everyone dressed beautifully for this gala evening. This special evening was a perfect way to end our third day of art events! Many sales took place during the reception which is always nice. Go IGOR artists!

Thank you!
We would also like to send out a special "Thank You" to our IGOR Event Coordinator, Kim Orlowski, who did a fabulous job planning all of the events and working alongside IGOR Charter Members. Bravo Kim!


About the Gallery

With locations in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia and historic Charleston, SC., Principle Gallery has been dedicated to exhibiting the best of American & European Contemporary Realism since opening in 1994. Focusing on paintings in oil and bronze sculpture, the gallery represents emerging, mid-career and established artists with a distinct personal approach to their work. Principle Gallery gains great exposure for its artists through solo exhibitions, selective group shows and national art fairs. For more information please visit:


Selected Artists

The International Guild of Realism completed the jury results for the 14th Annual Exhibition hosted by the Principle Gallery. We had a huge number of paintings entered, and without a doubt, our highest level of quality artwork submitted. Thank you, IGOR artists for entering such wonderful artwork!

The jury for this year's exhibition was handled in two levels with IGOR Charter Members handling the first level and then the owner and gallery director of the Principle Gallery completed the final jury. Once again we received an amazing array of superb entries and our jurors were quite impressed with the quality and creativity of the work entered. Deciding upon a limited number of paintings from an impressive array of entries wasn't an easy task, and the jurors could not resist adding many more pieces to this exhibition than originally planned by the final jurors. The exhibition will have 92 paintings and drawings by 89 IGOR members.

Congratulations to this year's selected artists!

Lee Alban
Jorge Alberto
Denise Antaya
Antonios Aspromourgos
Tony Baselici
Emil Bauto
Joseph Bellofatto
Randall William Bennett
Richard Berger
Ashwini Bharathula
Matthew Bird
Kelly Birkenruth
Henry Bosak
David M. Bowers
Mike Briscoe
Tam Bodkin Bryk
Daniel Mark Cassity
Donald Clapper
Ed Copley
Dennis Crayon
Cat Corcilius
Diane Davich-Craig
Joye DeGoede
Paco Martin Dominguez
Stuart Dunkel
Cristy Dunn
Nick Eisele
Camille Engel
Robbie Fitzpatrick
Elizabeth Floyd
Gayle Isabelle Ford
Marianna Foster
Dirk Freder
Tom Fuller
Jeff George
Irene Georgopoulou
Richard Ginnett
George A. Gonzalez
Linda Harrison-Parsons
K. Henderson
Kathy Hildebrandt
Oriana Ingber
Pat Jackman
Steven T. Jones
Claudia Kaak
Barbara Kacicek
Debra Keirce
Brenda Kidera
Grace Kim
Suzanne Lago Arthur
Gary Davis Lang
Nadia Lazizi
Erwin Lewandowski
Tammy Liu-Haller
Pamela Mangelsdorf
Karla Mann
Linda Mann
Dave McNally
David Molteni
Brenda Morgan
Cindy Valek Mottl
Priscilla Nelson
Patrick Nevins
Barbara Nuss
Carla Paine
Cher Pruys
Mary Jane Q Cross
Galal Ramadan
Andy Reinhardt
Patricia McMahon Rice
Sandra Robinson
Carole Rodrigue
John Rowe
Ken Scaglia
John E. Schaeffer
Dianna Wallace Soisson
Cathy Strapp
Charlotte Strauss
Jan Stommes
Randy Van Dyck
Maria Villioti
Carin Wagner
Barbara Walker
Kun Wang
Heather Ward
Sandra Weiner
Johannes Wessmark
John Whytock
Ester Wilson


We are very excited about the 14th Annual Juried Exhibition. We thank all of our IGOR members who entered this amazing show and a special congratulations to the participating members! Our host gallery has recently uploaded our entire exhibit on their website so enjoy viewing the show paintings by clicking on the below link. If interested in purchasing any of the show paintings, please contact the Principle Gallery directly.

View the entire 14th Annual IGOR Exhibition

View the 4-page article in American Art Collector magazine

View the 6-page ad in American Art Collector magazine


IGOR Awards

As customary during our annual juried exhibitions, we ask the gallery to appoint a guest judge(s) to award ribbons in different categories to selected Guild Members for their outstanding artwork. All award winners will receive their custom designed ribbons by mail after the conclusion of the exhibition.

Congratulations to the Winners!

"Magnolia Still Life" by Matthew Bird
Best of Show - "Magnolia Still Life" by Matthew Bird
American Art Collector Editor Choice - "Green and Gold" by Nick Eisele
Bill & Sue Rowett Collector's Choice - "Daddy's Home" by Camille Engel
Robert Kirkpatrick Best Still Life - "Magnolia Still Life" by Matthew Bird
Best Figurative - "Nude in White and Grey" by Carla Paine
Best Landscape - "Quiet Harmony" by Barbara Nuss
Best Tromp l'Oeil - "True Love" by Jorge Alberto
Director's Choice - "Bloody Marry" by Oriana Ingber
Pioneer in Realism Award - "Yesterday and Today" by Dianna Wallace Soisson
Artist's Choice Award - "Tenderness" by Kun Wang
Best Floral - "Peony Time" by Cindy Valek Mottl
Best Wildlife - "Hanging out after Lunch" by Karla Mann
Best Drawing - "Isabella" by David Molteni


Opening Reception and Art Events

The Principle Gallery welcomed all IGOR Artists and their guests who attended the opening reception on the evening of Friday, September 20, 2019. We also had a seminar on current topics plus other art get-togethers for attendees. There are excellent hotels and resorts in the Alexandria area. As usual, we will sent out a Travel Guide by email a few months before the opening reception. We will truly had a fun filled three days of numerous art related activities so we were pleased to have so IGOR members attend these events.

To learn more about the area and the beautiful city of Alexandria, please click on the links below:

About Old Town Alexandria

Short Video of Old Town Alexandria

World Class Museums in Washington, D.C.

10th Annual Art Events including Gourmet Group Dinner, Guided Tour of the National Gallery of Art (Rembrandt!),
Historic Tour of Alexandria, and Opening Reception



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