International Guild of Realism
International Guild of Realism 7th Annual Juried Exhibition

At the Jones & Terwilliger Galleries in Carmel, CA  |  September 7th - September 30th, 2012

Our annual international exhibition was held at the prestigious Jones & Terwilliger Galleries in the heart of the Carmel art district. The gallery is centrally located among many quality art galleries, luxury shops and fine dining, attracting plenty of affluent visitors during the peak summer season. We couldn't have asked for a better time or location in this important US art market. Carmel and the Monterey area is one of the most beautiful coastal areas of the United Sates. There are several sights to see such as the scenic 17 mile drive with views of the pacific ocean, Pebble Beach Golf Course, the beautiful village of Carmel by the Sea with numerous high end art galleries and so much more. Also, Carmel is about two hours away from San Francisco.

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Selected Artists

Aaron Brent Harker
Alan Wylie
Ann Kraft Walker
Ardith Starostka
Arleta Pech
Benji Alexander Palus
Brenda Howell
Camille Engel
Cathy Strapp
Cees Penning
Clinton T. Hobart
Craig Srebnik
David Billingsley
David Bowers
Deborah Maklowski
Dianna Ponting
Donald Clapper
Dragan Gilic
Duffy Sheridan
Ed Copley
Edward Kucera
Edward Paul Smalarz
Eileen Nistler
Elizabeth K. Weiss
Flavia Eckholm
Gary Davis Lang
Gary J. Hernandez
George A. Gonzalez
Grace Kim
Harold Allanson
Heather Larson
Howard Rogers
James Van Fossan
Jane Chapin
Jean Cole
Jeremy Lebediker
Jerry L. Berg
Jo LeMay Rutledge
Joan Essex Johnson
JoAnn Bosowski
Johannes Wessmark
Juan Medina
K. Henderson
Karen Noles
Karen Yee
Ken Scaglia
Kimberly Dow
Kun Wang
Lee Alban
Linda Besse
Lindsay Goodwin
Lindsay Handyside
Lorena Kloosterboer
Marie Channer
Mark Thompson
Mary Jane Q Cross
MaryAnn Bidder
Ning Lee
Pamela Carroll
Patricia Guzman
Patricia Tribastone
Patt Baldino
Peter Carey
Randy Ford
Rebecca Lee
Sandra Robinson
Sandra Willard
Sharon Guyton Lalik
Stephen Stavast
Steven Jones
Stuart Dunkel
Tatiana McWethy
Tatiana K. Myers
Teresa N. Fischer
Vala Ola


Congratulations to the Award Winners!

Best of Show - "Checkered Past" by Randy Ford
Best Figurative - "Declaration in Red and Gold" by Duffy Sheridan
Robert Kirkpatrick Best Still Life - "Carved Box with Plums" by Mark Thompson
Best Floral - "Cherry Blossoms with Water" by Ning Lee
Best Drawing - "Jackpot" by Jeremy Lebediker
Best Tromp L'Oeil - "Trained" by Tatiana McWethy
Best Landscape - "The Last Rays of Day" by Stephen Stavast
Best Wildlife - "The Past and Future Converge" by Aaron Brent Harker
Director's Choice - "Crow Ceremonial Pouch" by Ed Copley
Pioneer in Realism - "Aria" by Sandra Willard
Artist's Choice - "Persephone" by Ardith Starostka
Creative Achievement - "1929 Amilcar" by David Billingsley
American Art Collector Magazine Editor's Choice - "Figs" by Sandra Robinson
Collector's Choice - "Checkered Past" by Randy Ford



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