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Larry Charles

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Artist's Statement

The appeal of painting trompe l'oeil artwork for me is the "wow factor" that comes from creating seemingly three-dimensional objects within a two-dimensional painting space. I believe the objects can't be just random items that are pretty to paint; they must help tell a story or illustrate a theme so that the painting involves the viewer at many different levels. When I started specializing in the trompe l'oeil genre, I focused on the nostalgic, classic 1800's style of composition and technique. Now, I find myself seeking the challenge of painting 21st Century themes and trying to introduce innovative compositions or "fool the eye" devices into the paintings. I don't paint to sell, I paint to create. It's a challenge that makes every day in my studio a dream career.

Artist's Biography

Larry Charles (American, born 1951) is the co-founder of the Trompe l'Oeil Society of Artists. His trompe l'oeil oil paintings are exhibited at the Van de Griff/Marr Gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. He also shows his watercolor paintings in Singapore and his commissioned work appears frequently in national magazines and books featuring the the top designer homes in New York City. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, Charles was the worldwide creative director for the largest agency on Madison Avenue for fourteen years. He was an instructor at the University of Southern California in his younger days. He now maintains his home and studio in Arizona, and frequently lectures and writes articles for international art magazines.

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