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Edward Paul Smalarz

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Artist's Biography

Edward Paul Smalarz is a San Francisco based artist whose representational style not only combines the precise realism and accuracy of the classically-trained old masters, found in the Dutch schools, but brings the new element of contemporary subject as well. His talent lies in giving everyday objects and places a quality, which transforms the subject matter in such a way that the viewer shares in the innate dialogue of the objects and the pleasure of the settings.

At age 24, Edward Smalarz had his first one-man show at the Steel Lane Community Center by invitation of the city of Santa Rosa Parks and Department recreation and has shown his work in the three, highly competitive, California Small Works shows, sponsored by the Sonoma Museum Of Visual Art, in Santa Rosa. At the last show in November1999, juried by John Natsoulas, he was the recipient of the Judge's awards for his painting, "The Scarlet Doll". In the 1998 Small Works show, he received of the Peoples Choice Awards for his painting "The Rubber Duck". And in the Docent review by Agnes Gerard of Smova's publication, "Art Muse", his painting of the "Swiss Doll" was characterized as the most unforgettable work in the show. From age 24 to the present I have been in numerous exhibitions. My most recent shows consisted of The International Guild Of Realism's 7th annual exhibition located at The Jones and Terwilliger Fine Art Gallery, located in Carmel California.

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