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IGOR 2023 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Wildlife & Animals

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Red Bills and a Confusion of Stripes
Randall William Bennett

Deimante Bruzguliene

Kennebunkport Grey Day
Claude R. Bryant

Cadinal on a Snowy Branch
Barbara Clements

Chamindra de Silva Abeyewickreme

Three Way Split
Joye DeGoede

Borzoi Head Study
Sandra Desrosiers

Duck Weed
Deborah LaFogg Docherty

Spirit-Barn Owl
Kathleen E. Dunn

Kathy Ellem

Seeking Assurance
Camille Engel

Migrating is Thirsty Work
Cynthie Fisher

The Hunt
Keri Fisher

Seahawk Ascending
Christopher Forrest

Alpine Monarch
Kate Haanraadts

Moon Glow
Linda Harrison-Parsons

Elegance in Grey
Debbie Hughbanks

Remember Dom
Tracy Ingham

The Assertive One
Ryan Douglas Jacque

La Gata
Maria João Justo

A Lover and A Gentlemen
Erika Kauffman
It's A Sin To Kill A Mockingbird
Barney Levitt

We are So Beautiful (Manatee)
Rob MacIntosh

Alone but Not Lonely
Sherry Mason

Brenda Matsen

Royal Gold
Meg Merry

Moooove Closer
Sharon Moseley

Watching Your Back
Terri Neal

The Lookout
Tara Nix

Blue Heron
Sally Painter

Grey Morning - Swans
Laurie Riley

Party At The Beach
Barbara Rudolph

Bonny Snowdon

On the Lookout
Cathy Strapp

Unnatural Contruct II
Randy Van Dyck

Feathered Breeze
Vincent Verboncoeur
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