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IGOR 2023 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Still Life

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You will be able stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You may stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

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C Is for Cat
Jorge Alberto

Night Scene
José H. Alvarenga

Sun-Kissed Morning
Camille Barnes

An Open Book
Bithia Bjurman

Just Red
Karen A. Budan

Origami at Sunset
Cedric Alessandro Chambers

Apple Kaleidoscope
Marsha Chandler

Home Grown
Pauline Clay

Jan Dale

The Light Revealed
Lyn Diefenbach

Happy Family
Veronique Fournier-Wynne

Sweets in Cups
Manon Germain

Luncheon on a Tuscan Hilltop
Alice Goldsmith

School Days
Deana Goldsmith

After School Cookie Time
Katherine Grossfeld

Air Mail
K. Henderson

Pepper Jack Cheese
Kenneth Hershenson

What's All the Racket
Nancy Honaker

Autumn Harvest
Emily Valentine Hutton

Janet Johnson

Mandolin and Shell
Steven T. Jones

Andromeda Rising Two
Karen Khan

Elayne Kuehler

Life Savers
Sharon Guyton Lalik

Blue Bottle
Patti Lizotte

Nick Long

Paco Martín

Fall Landscape
David Martinez

Summer Harvest
Candis McKinzie

Wall to Wal-Nuts
Jacqueline Meyerson

Antique Wood Planer
Elizabeth Morgan

Sripriya Mozumdar

The Bliss of Solitude
Ginny Page

Tea Party

No One Wants To Play
Denice Peters

Prophetic Medicine
Mohamad Quthubdean M. F.

A Day in the Life
Lisa Raymer

Rocks in a Box 'Orange'
Lara Restelli

Sherry Roper

Freedom Remembered
Scott Royston

Eastern Bluebird with Vase
J. Elaine Senack

Red Flames and Damselflies
Claudia Seymour

By A Thread
Alisa Shea

Trompe L'oeil of Petaluma Lemons
Edward Paul Smalarz

French Pot and Wisteria
Graeme Smallfield

Boys to Men
Arlene Steinberg

It Ain't Easy
Shawn Sullivan

Susie Tenzer

Tulips and Pears
Marie Tippets

The Process
Debra Torres

Patricia Tribastone

Lunch at Wakefield Mills
Viviane Trubey

Cook Books II
Elaine Twiss

Mash Queen and Her Minuscule King
Jette van der Lende

Artist's Block
Ranjini Venkatachari

Coon Hunt
Ann Kraft Walker

Oriental Pleasures
William Michael Yenkevich

An Intimate Moment
William Michael Yenkevich


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