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IGOR 2023 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Figurative

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Mikela Cameron

Donald Clapper

Father Goose
Barbara Dahlstedt

Cindy Edzenga

The Next Generation
Elena Eros

Finding the Light
Irene Georgopoulou

A Special Time with Her Great...
Susan Goodmundson

Vanitas 26
Hiroshi Hayakawa

I Come from My Childhood
Claudia Kaak

Faith Triumphant: Joan of Arc, 1431
Mary Kenney

Angel Descending
Sandra Kuck

Trio in Red
Cathy Locke

The Blue Dress
Jane Manco

Barge Workers
Christopher B. Mooney

Elisabeth - A Long Journey
Marissa Oosterlee

Coming Home
Theresa Otteson

Checking for Nasty, Cruel...
Benji Alexander Palus

Susan S. Perrish

The Storyteller
Susan S. Perrish

La Heladeria (The Ice Cream Shop)
Sharon Pomales-Tousey

Megan Elizabeth Read

On the Edge of Nationalism
Sølvi Sanden

The Water Boy
Susan Helen Strok

Golden Ocean Reflection...
Alexandra Telgmann

Nowhere to Hide
Robert Walker

Golden Heart
Johannes Wessmark

The Art Critic
Kenneth Young
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