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IGOR 2022 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Landscape & Architecture

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Room 145
George Angelini

A Gentle Reminder
Denise Antaya

Tobacco Barn
Colleen Devlin Bang

Treasure Hunting
Matthew Bird

Reflecting on a Sunny Day
Henry Bosak

2 Boats
Max Bounan

Vonnie Brenno Cameron

Forest Lights
Hebe Brooks

Colorado River Passage into the...
Barbara Clements

The Wanderer
Brian Darcy

Jacksonville Departure 1905
Jim Graf

Ghost Station
Mark Harrison

The Direction
Kolbjørn Håseth

Life's Like a Bicycle
J. Howard

The Ocean Soothes My Soul
Mark Hunter

Pond Light
Ann Justin

Wood's Cove
David Kizziar

Quiet After the Rain
Dimitrina Stamboldjiev Kutriansky

Checks Cashed
Bob Lavoie

Ready to Go
Jackson Kwong Tim Lee

River Rock Collection IV
Erwin P. Lewandowski

Blue Ridge Sonnet #13
AnaMarie Liddell

Hollingsworth Motel
Patsy Lindamood

Arline Mann

Christopher B. Mooney

Soul Food
Elizabeth Morgan

Beach Party
Ken Northup

Sebago Sunset
Charles Nowell

Med Magic
Rob Parsons

Quiet Moment
Antonia Tyz Peeples

God's Grace Abounds in the Fields
Will B. Reyes

Lifeguard Shack
John Salozzo

Stephanie Schechter

Rent the Month
Shelley Smith

A Maine View
Nicole Sorum

Robert Steiner

Fly Me To the Moon
Jerry Steingraeber

E. Jane Stoddard

The Old Swingbench
Vincent Verboncoeur

Joyful Surrender
Dianna Wallace Soisson

Island Stones
Johannes Wessmark

Sandy Whiteside

Lake Martin
Vincent L. Wilson

Autumn Brilliance
Kay Witherspoon

Sunrise at Ormond Beach
Ken Young
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