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IGOR 2022 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Figurative

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Jennifer, the Fire Inside
Lee Alban

War is Peace
Esther BeLer Wodrich

The Pose
Whitney C. Brock

Zamara's Portrait
Olga Calado

Marco Campos

Bent's Fort Beauty
Jerry Crandall

Wendy Donahoe

Conversation at the Edge
Elena Eros

Insomnia: Lying in my Fear Stained...
Tracy Frein

Mallory's Hands
Kathleen S. Giles

Intent on the Internet
Susan Goodmundson

Child Portrait
Elizabeth Hoddevik

Sandy and Steve
Leah Hopkins Henry

A Merce da Agua
Maria João Justo

Claudia Kaak

Venus Nebula
Karen Khan

Beauty in the Morning Sun
Sandra Kuck

From A Fairy Tale
Joyce Lee

In Her Own World
Shuk Susan Lee

La Femme Fatale
Lorena Lepori

The Fisherman
Gayle Madeira

Illusions of My Childhood No. 11
Stephen Mangum

Best of Friends
Patricia McMahon Rice

Sarah Entangled
Karie O'Donnell

Clara in Spring
Carla Paine

The Watcher on the Wall
Benji Alexander Palus

Susan S. Perrish

Lisa Raymer

The Guardian
Mary Reilly

Lisa Rickard

In the Eye of the Storm
Dan Simoneau

La Affascinante
Stàn Bert Singer

Ink and Piercings
Nori Thorne

Low Rider
Suzanne Vigil

This Moment. This Child.
Ann Kraft Walker

Anne-Marie Zanetti
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