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IGOR 2021 Spring Salon Online Exhibition  |  Still Life

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You will be able stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You may stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

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Studio Windows
Ann Kraft Walker

Spirits of the Ancestors
Barbara Fox

Cut from the Same Cloth
Barney Levitt

Cabbage Heart
Beth Flor

There in 20
Blair Atherholt

Quilt with Pears and a Bowl of Plums
Chris Krupinski

Recital Ready
Cindy Wagner

French Press
Claudia Seymour

Compote with Ivy
David Jermann

April 20, 2020
David Sleta

Ruby Red
Debbie Shirley

The Vintage Cap Gun
Edward Paul Smalarz

Yin Yang
Elizabeth Weiss

Golden Pearl
François Chartier

Candy Cupboard
George A. Gonzalez

Fortune Teller
George Tsakiris

Oh So Sweet
Gerald Schwartz

Sugar Sugar
Guy-Anne Massicotte

Olive View
Jacqueline Meyerson

Once a Friend
Jan Dale

Jordan's Dress
Jane Manco

One Eyed Jack
Jerry Crandall

Cycle of Life
Jette van der Lende

All is Vanity
John Moffitt

America's Pastime
John Schisler

Jack in the Box
K. Henderson

Lemondrop Martini
Karen Budan

Magellianic Cloud
Karen Khan

Sunlit Kiwi
Katarzyna Lappin

Summer's End
Kathy Hildebrandt

Broken Shells in a Fragile Bowl
Katie Koenig

Salacious Inferno
Keely Finucane

Gentleman Jack
Laurie Szilvagyi

School Lunch
Louise Daoust

Luba Stolper

Marcia Palmer

The Man in the Tea Cozy
Margaret Ingles

Turning into Sunlight
Maria Snarska

Unpacking the Treasures
Marie Tippets

Tale of Two Artists
Mary Calengor

Chesapeake Pride
Matthew Bird

Spherical Reflections
Paco Martin

Pomegranates and Persimmons
Pamela Carroll

Sliced Bread
Patti Lizotte

Egg and Rope
Peter Swift

Transposed #1
Randy Van Dyck

Wood Nymphs over Green Apples
Rebecca Luncan

Mama's Little Baby Loves Rhubarb Pie
Robin Harris

Tasting Time
Ron Greig

Still Life with Grapes & Lemons
Ron Salvetti

Hard Candy Rising
Russ Mackensen

Fresh Figs
Sandra Desrosiers

Persimmon Trio
Sangita Phadke

Plums & Blue China
Sarah Bent

I Am the True Vine
Sarah Weizhen Xu

Garlic Naan and Coriander
Sarasvathy TK

Glass Marbles II
Sharon Guyton Lalik

Lockdown Showdown
Shawn Robichaud

Hanging Out
Shawn Sullivan

Abandoned - Barn Swallow Nest
Sherry Mitchell

Tea Break
Sherry Roper

Shringaar - Indian Adornment
Sripriya Mozumdar

The Singing Bowl
Tom Strutton

Red and Blue
Veronique Fournier-Wynne

Shell Hath No Fury
Whitney Brock

Minneola Splendor
William Yenkevich
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