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IGOR 2021 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Still Life

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You will be able stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You may stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

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Complimentary Reflections
James Andrews

Parakeet on Orange Branch
Patt Baldino

Branzino for Two
Matthew Bird

Whitney C. Brock

The Great Escape
Mary Calengor

Welcome Wellies
Gloria Callahan

Virginia Carroll

Origami Elephant
Cedric Chambers

The Big Apple
Marsha Chandler

The Glass Menagerie
Lorn Curry

Better Days
Sandra Desrosiers

Breastplate of Righteousness
Elena Eros

The Gifts of Mother Earth
Veronique Fournier-Wynne

Games & Wildlife
George Gonzalez

Carved Cameo Glass
Susan Goodmundson

Honey I'm Home
Ron Greig

Lizard Parade
Katherine Grossfeld

Fruit Spoon
Robin Harris

Time and Tide
Melissa Hedge

Dark Kiss
K. Henderson

One Yellow Yo-Yo
Kathy Hildebrandt

L'Arabesque 2
Steven T. Jones

Laura Winn Kane

The Orchard
Pat Klamm

Bluebird Morning
Barney Levitt

Strawberry Splash
Russ Mackensen

Mandarins & Paper
Paco Martin

Coffee with Friends
David Martinez

Chocolate Nonparelis
Barbara J. Mason

Arapaho Headdress
Brenda Morgan

Washing Grapes
Diane Morgan

Green Lobster Buoys
Nicole Nappi

Marcia Palmer

Dreamers (Fortune)
Ivan Pazlamatchev

I Won't Be Cooking Today!
Christine Porter Lofaro

Branch of Plum
Layong Jingga Probo

Cher Pruys

Painting in Pencil
Carole Raschella

The Post Horn
Alan Douglas Ray

Roses and Tea
Sherry Roper

Old Glory
Scott B. Royston

Just Wing It
Barbara Rudolph

Big League
John Schisler

In the Key of W
Alisa Shea

The Common Thread
Alisa Shea

Red Wine
Luba Stolper

Tom Strutton

Smarties & Suckers
Katrina Swanson

Official League
Peter Swift

Sarasvathy T.K.

A Festive Gathering
Marie Tippets

The Process
Debra Torres

Bottle Caps
Elaine Twiss

Plain and Fancy
Ann Kraft Walker

Withered Rose
Kun Wang

Jug and Purple Corn
Nina Winther

A Golden Pleasure
William Michael Yenkevich
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