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IGOR 2021 Fall Salon Online Exhibition  |  Landscape & Architecture

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Summer Escape
Marco Antonio Aguilar

Second Generation
Denise Antaya

Elephant Tracks in the Sand
Randall William Bennett

Virage de Massenet
Gulay Berryman

Crown Street Vagabond
Henry Bosak

The Old Tree
Max Bounan

Arecaceae Air
Deborah M.G. Cassolis

Snowy Forest Stream
Barbara Clements Barber

Richlands Milling Company
Tony Craig

Next Right
Dennis Crayon

Harbour Side
Howard Flanagan

Sunny Afternoon Retreat
Linda Garcia-Dahle

Johnny Guthrie

General Store
Mark Harrison

A Coastal Square
Kolbjørn Håseth

Autumn's Passage
Frits Hoendervanger

Near and Far
Mark Hunter

Trees and Clouds
David Jermann

David Kizziar

Tahquamenon Falls
Erwin P. Lewandowski

Grains of Life
Patsy Lindamood

Nick Long

San Xavier
Rob MacIntosh

Peace of Place
Arline Mann

Driftwood Patternss
Dave McNally

To Love an Old House
Elizabeth Morgan

Twilight, Paine's Creek
Ken Northup

Wreck of the Cormorant
Rob Parsons

Lights in the Woods
Will B. Reyes

Courtesy Diner
John Salozzo

Diner, 8:31
Stephanie Schechter

Piccioni 1
Jane Stoddard

Orchard Hills Store
Susie Tenzer

George Tsakiris

The Visit
Christophe Vacher

Dance of the Lily Pads
Cindy Valek Mottl

Virginia Round Leaf Birch
Carin Wagner

Maura Williams

Trail Ride
Vincent L. Wilson

Bodie Island Lighthouse
Kenneth Young

Abir Yousef

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