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IGOR 2020 Spring Salon Online Exhibition  |  Still Life

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You will be able stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

Click any thumbnail to view the slideshow. You may stop or start and go to previous or next using the links located below each image in the slideshow.

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Still Life with Oysters, Lemon &...
Abbey Ryan

Antonios Aspromourgos

Tuscan Lemons
Barbara Cricchio-Efchak

Barbara Mason

A Cautionary Tale
Barney Levitt

Needs Mending
Betsy Kellum

Persimmon with Dark Vessel
Blair Atherholt

Blair Atherholt

Red Rocks
Brenda Doyle

Burmese Vessels
Cathy Johnson

Strawberry Festival
Christine Porter Lofaro

A Taste of the Good Stuff
Daniel Mark Cassity

Old Book with Pears
David Jermann

Pretty Please
Debbie Shirley

The Sound of Water
Diego Glazer

Duhita Samaiyar

Northern Pintail Eclispse Drake Duck
Edward Paul Smalarz

Vintage Typewriter
Elaine Twiss

Safari Dreams
Elayne Kuehler

Persimmon on Wood Crate
Elizabeth Floyd

Until the Next Dance
Elizabeth Weiss

Pieces of a Mystery
George A. Gonzalez

George Tsakiris

Reflections of Sea Life
Gloria J. Callahan

Fair Fare
Gretchen Evans Parker

Kettle and Fruit
Igor Selivanov

Joyful Memories of Childhood
Irene Georgopoulou

The Written Word
Jacqueline Meyerson

Knot on Fire
Jane Hartley

Trompe L'Oeil Series: The Eyes...
Jan McAllaster Stommes

Dubble Bubble
John Schisler

Mending the Flag
Jorge Alberto

Coffee & Strawberries
K. Henderson

Karen Khan

Ribbons and Bows
Karen Merkin

First Loves
Kathy Hildebrandt

A Safe Place to Land
Katie Koenig

Kevork A. Cholakian

Mom Loved to Sew
Larry Felder

Still Life with Silver
Laurin McCracken

Time Flies
Lorn Curry

Louise Daoust

Lyn Diefenbach

Early Morning
Maria Snarska

When Life Serves You Lemons
Marie Tippets

Having a Ball
Marsha Chandler

Matthew Bird

Natalie Wiseman

Still Life with Copper
Nick Eisele

Spicy Chicken Biscuit
Nick Long

Waiting for You
Paco Martin Dominguez

The Move
Patti Lizotte

Reel Classics
Richard Ginnett

Apple Peddler
Richard Hall

Ballet Shoes
Robbie Fitzpatrick

That's One Tough Cookie
Robin Harris

Fish Candy
Ron Greig

Fun in the Kitchen
Russ Mackensen

A Few Dollars More
Sandra Desrosiers

Little Fish
Sarah Bent

Garlic and Shallot
Sarah Blanks Strickland

Samosa, Coriander and Tamrind...
Sarasvathy TK

Scott Royston

Marbles I
Sharon Guyton Lalik

Bunny Hop
Shawn Sullivan

Indian Summer
Sripriya Mozumdar

Tower I Silence
Steven T. Jones

Sugar High
Susie Tenzer

The Beauty Is in the Details
Tammy Liu-Haller

Gone Fishin
Vickie Lawrence

Boots and Blanket
Virginia Carroll

Wendy Carney

Lemon Essence
William Michael Yenkevich
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