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IGOR 2020 Spring Salon Online Exhibition  |  Figurative

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Dreaming of the Past
Ann Justin

The Painting Conservator...
Ashley Albritton

Nude with Linens
Carla Louise Paine

Kids in a Museum
Carmen Havens

Awesome Sloan
Cher Pruys

Tilikum Workers II
Christopher B. Mooney

Grassland Dreams
Colin Starkevich

Golden Hour
Cynthia Feustel

Every Thought We Think Is Creating...
Dan Simoneau

The Regular
David Goatley

Debra Keirce

The Tree Beyond Which There Is...
Duffy Sheridan

Times Running Out

Eduardo Landa

Galal Ramadan

Chatty Cathi
Jerry Crandall

Top of the Heap
John C. Moffitt

Dream Beyond
Judy Jing Pang

Maasai Maiden
Karla Mann

Flower of the East
Kun Wang

Kun Wang

Stephanie, Lady of Steam
Lee Alban

The Girl with the Wooden Earring
Margaret Ingles

Take Time to Smell the Roses
Marianna Foster

Washing Away My Sorrows II
Marissa Oosterlee

The Freedom of Youth
Michela Mansuino

Tiny Dancer
Patsy Lindamood

Making Waves
Priscilla Nelson

Pink Flowers
Salvatore Graci

The Flying Machine
Sharon Sayegh

Rainy Day
Steve Rude

Seeking Knowledge
T. W. 'Pops' Vanya

Temptation III
Teresa Brutcher

Espionage in the Loge
Wendy Donahoe
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