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IGOR 2019 Winter Salon Online Exhibition  |  Still Life

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Candy Canes
Andrea Alvin

Of Sand and Sea
Ann Kraft Walker

The Sail is Necessary
Atle Skudal

Passage of Time
Carol Creel

Tin City Roadsters
Carol Strebel

Good Enough to Eat
Charlotte Strauss

Toys in the Attic
Claudia Seymour

A Closer Examination of Time
Daniel Mark Cassity

Cherry Bomb
Debbie Shirley

Debra Keirce

Vintage Wine Corks
Elaine Twiss

Claudyne, Symphony in C Major
François Chartier

Who Let the Dog Out
François Chartier

Whirly Pop
George Ayers

Pieces of a Mystery
George Gonzalez

Easter III, Quantum Realism Series
Georgi Danevski

Gerald Schwartz

The Legacy
Ginger Bowen

As Sweet as Honey
Hebe Brooks

Cycle of Life
Jeffrey Legg

Jerry Crandall

John Schisler

Red and Green
K Henderson

Stripes and Solids
Karen Budan

Sunlit Lime
Katarzyna Lappin

Ain't Lunch Grand
Katie Koenig

Summer Journal
Kelly Birkenruth

Sax with some Red, White and Blue
Len Rusin

Tea Time
Louise Daoust

Margaret Carrier

Red Velvet
Margaret Ingles

Don't Be Shy
Mark McDermott

All I Wear
Marsha Chandler

The Golden Age of Capitalism...
Michela Mansuino

Fishers Island Memory
Nadine Robbins

Who Invited Them?
Natalie Wiseman

Nicholas Baxter

Around The World
Pamela Carroll

Locke and Key
Patrick Nevins

On The Edge
Patt Baldino

Bread and Water
Patti Lizotte

Raking Light
Sandra Desrosiers

Classical Treasures
Sandra Murphy

Freedom's Symbol
Scott Royston

Love 'Art' 2
Sharon Guyton Lalik

Going Places
Shawn Sullivan

Sweet Heat
Sripriya Mozumdar

Steven T. Jones

Sensuous Delight
William Yenkevich
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