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IGOR 2019 Winter Salon Online Exhibition  |  Figurative

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Vintage Tutu
Anna Rose Bain

Black Rose
Benji Alexander Palus

Carla Paine

Nude in White and Gray
Carla Paine

Moonlight Ghost
Christophe Vacher

The Fiddle Maker
Cristy Dunn

Just Loves Enough
Daune Sheri

The Collector
David M. Bowers

Modern X, Homage to Sargent
Donald Clapper

Friendship Rose
Duffy Sheridan

Back to the Future-Selfie
Ed Copley

Victorian Tea
Ed Copley

Hide & Seek
Glenn Beasley

Irena Roman

After this Message
John Moffitt

Joseph Bellofatto

A Sustaining Passion
Kathleen Giles

Paris Reader
Kay Stern

Too Many Choices
Kelly Eddington

If You Could Only See Through...
Larry Lombardo

My Very Own Star
Marianna Foster

Mike Briscoe

Blue Angel
Natalie Holland

String of the Lyre
Nicholas Baxter

Sally Lancaster

Instrospection - Thoughts on...
Sharon Pomales Tousey

The Butterfly Hunter
Tony Baselici

Celebration of Spring in Red
T. W. 'Pops' Vanya
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