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IGOR 2019 Winter Salon Online Exhibition  |  Drawing

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Garden Gala
Barbara Mason

The Three R's
Betsy Kellum

Ms. Starlet Diva
Carla René

Lost in Thought
Carole Rodrigue

Seems Like Yesterday
David Neace

Just Out of Reach
Deborah LaFogg Docherty

Obstacles and Challenges
Dianna Wallace Soisson

Grass & Water, What Else Do I Need?
Dick Mueller

Night Hunter
Dirk Freder

Listening to Mozart
Emily Christoff-Flowers

Current Swirls
Erwin P, Lewandowski

Helen Glover

Silent Strength
Holly Bedrosian

Treasures from the Past
Irene Georgopoulou

Locked Up
Jacqueline Meyerson

After the Storm
Jesse Lane

Bird of Paradise
John Guiseppi

Nosey Neighbors
Kathy Christian

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...
Kathy Hildebrandt

Kevork Cholakian

Timeless Beauty
Lyn Diefenbach

The Thinker
Maria Villioti

Around The World
Marie Tippets

Tangerine Reflections
Paco Martin Dominguez

Wistful Great Blue
Patsy Lindamood

Snowy Solitude
Renee Brettler

Hard Candy
Russell J. Mackensen

Stephanie Neely

Out for a Spin
Susie Tenzer

Tammy Liu-Haller

Pride of Kenya
Tracey Chaykin

Vincent L. Wilson

Seventeen Beach
Wendy Layne
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