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Debra Keirce

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Artist's Statement

Debra is an experienced chemical engineer, a mother, a wife, a full time artist. Her art expresses the places she's been, the people she's met, the challenges she's faced. Her paintings tell stories of a mother sending her grown children out into the world, a creative soul with a burning passion, and an unpredictable journey through life.

Using oil or acrylic paints, Debra paints in a tightly rendered realistic style with classical, hyperrealism and Trompe L'Oeil influences.

Debra specializes in small and miniature paintings, ranging in size from two feet down to two inches. Part of her process for creating miniature fine art involves the use of magnifying lenses and close range binoculars. She enjoys demonstrating these techniques.

Artist's Biography

Debra Keirce, born in 1961, is a contemporary American Realist painter. With a love of narrative, her paintings tell stories of joy, desire, challenge and encouragement. Recognized for her highly detailed paintings, her work is crafted using tools such as magnifiers and close range binoculars. Debra enjoys demonstrating her techniques for art lovers.

A signature member of The Miniature Artists of America, The Miniature Painters Sculptors Gravers Society of Washington D.C., World Federation of Miniaturists, Cider Painters of America and The Hilliard Society in Wells England, Debra is also a juried member of The International Guild of Realism, an Art Renewal Center Living Artist and the mother of three.

Debra and her family now live in Northern Virginia. Originally from Detroit, she earned a degree in biochemical engineering and worked as a corporate engineer at pharmaceutical facilities for fifteen years. Many of her paintings are influenced by time spent in mazes of pipes, tanks and equipment.

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