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Barbara Clements

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Artist's Statement

Originally I painted under my maiden name and signed Clements for many years to my work. I married several years ago and my married name is Barber. However I sign still as Clements to honor my father and mother who loved my art and encouraged me to paint. My father himself was a poet with the soul of Van Gogh.

Growing up our home was filled with classical music, opera, poetry and many books and films related to artists of all kinds. These are the things that have inspired my art. We lived with a woods and creek behind our house where from early childhood to adulthood I often walked down woodsy paths or along the creek in all seasons, moved by the loveliness of it.

My paintings spring from a lifelong love of landscapes and natural beauty. I travel with my husband around the United States and am inspired to paint from the places we visit. Often I find like scenes evoking memories cherished by me in my youth. I find these are the paintings I derive the most satisfaction from. The memory of these beautiful scenes of older homes, woods, marinas and seascapes have remained with me all my life.

I paint in oil on canvas. I use a small brush for most of the painting. I try to give the exact detail of the image which is from a photograph I have taken, inspired by an emotional response to the scene. Always I have traced this to some happy memory in my youth. When I paint my aim is to carefully create the illusion of depth, form, color and composition of the place that inspired me to paint it. To bring to life the loving memories. Painting these scenes has given me a great pleasure and a meaning to life itself.

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