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Christian Barthélemy

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Artist's Statement

He looks for a balance between the tradition of the old masters techniques with their expertise and his own feelings. He is defined as contemplative who is classic and romantic. His paintings play with the contrast between the light and shadow.

Artist's Biography

Christian Barthélemy (French, born 1962 in Paris). From 1980 till 1982, he attended two workshops in Paris in the Marais quarter and in Montparnasse quarter, which prepared at two major Parisian art schools: the École des Beaux-Arts (the Fine Arts School) and at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (also known as Arts Decos', Ecole des Arts Decoratifs, E.N.S.A.D.). He also got his skill practicing and studying old masters techniques. In the summer 1982, he became a full-time artist and settled his 1st studio in the French North Alpes between Chamonix and near Geneva. In 2003, he moved to Germany, where he settled his 2nd studio. In 2012, he moved to Scotland in Alloa where he settled his 3rd studio where he lives and works. He exhibited in France and abroad in Swizerland, in Germany, in Canada, in United Kindom and in United States. He got some awards. He travels in different countries in Europe he went in Venice and Saint Petersburg and he crossed the world to Canada. He is mainly attracted by landscapes and urbanscapes having preserved alive tradition and rooted. Several old masters such Antonio Canalleto, Giovani Belleto and the Danish Golden Age painters like Eckersberg and Købke influenced his way to see and depicting what he paints.

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